Second round grants worth $70,000

Posted On March 20, 2023

A seahorse breeding program and joint schools environment event are among new projects to protect endangered flora and fauna in Mosman.

Dr Robertson, Chairman, said four winners would receive over $70,000 from Mosman Environmental Foundation (MEF). 

“The Board was excited by the range of projects and the wide variety of groups applying this round. It’s clear the environment is on the top of most of our priority lists. This second round of grants strikes a careful balance between immediate impact and longer term progress, and aligns with our strategy to prioritise the endangered species of Mosman.” Dr Robertson said.

“Protecting our endangered species means protecting habitats, food chains and biodiversity, and also educating children and the public on how to benefit the environment around them.”

Second round winners are:

  • Zero Emissions Sydney North: Environmental collaboration between schools $8,000 
  • Sydney Institute of Marine Science: Seahorse Breeding Program – $50,000 
  • Dr Amanda Petterson: Preserving Mosman’s underwater Forests – $9,890
  • Jack and Jill Kindergarten: Composting and vegetable garden – $3,100

Dr Robertson also called on residents and organisations to consider supporting future environmental work in Mosman through the Foundation.

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